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If you struggle to commuicate your access rights with your owner trained assistance dog then this is the product for you.  This is not an ID card as by law assitance dogs do not require to have one.


The card uses NFC technology to spread access awareness.  A useful tool for both non-verbal and those who lose hand mobility.


Each set includes:

- One NFC Enabled Card

- One 25mm Lanyard

- One Single sided vest card (9.5 x 6.7cm)



There are two card sizes to select from:

- Original: 11.5 x 8.5cm

- Large: 9.5 x 15cm



"NFC" means "Near Field Communication" and uses short radio waves to communicate with a device (approximately 4cm away in distance).


Each wearable badge has a hidden chip that NFC enabled phones can read which opens a browser window directly to the EHRC "Assistance dogs: A guide for all businesses" webpage. There is no battery inside this card.  


Important: The NFC chips are always locked so that no one can alter where the card links to. No risk of Rick-Rolls if someone attempts to be funny.


Included on the card is information about Assistance Dogs including how they help, and who they assist.


We wanted to ensure our badges didn't look like Identification Cards as these are purely to assist those who may need Access Guidance to hand in the event it may be needed.


The Vest Cards fit inside of the previous and new Vest card holders provided


The lanyard is made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET Recycled plastics) and made in the United Kingdom as well as packaging for these will be in compostable cellophane wrapping.

Access Awareness Card Bundle

  • The NFC takes you to the direct link for EHRC Guide for businesses web page which has the latest guidance.  Just like the QR code badges a link can change in the future. If this should happen Wuffable is not held liable for such changes

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