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  • How do I order a custom vest/cape/jacket?
    All the vests we make are custom made to suit your requirements. On our faqs page you will find info on vest shapes, colours and how to measure your dog. On our gallery pages you can find design tips, embroidery designs and vests previously made to give you some inspiration. when you have decided on your design, you can go to the shop page and place your order according to your dogs girth size. at this point you can add any optional extras like handles, pockets, magnetic clasps, etc. after checkout and payment you will be emailed a form which takes all of your custom info, such as dogs measurements, colour choices, words, logos, etc, on the form there is a section to upload any images you wish to share with us. You can also email anything but please add your order name and number so we know what it relates to. we don't usually contact you until we are ready to start your order, if you have sent very clear instructions, we may not contact you at all. if you have any concerns regarding your order you can contact us on social media or by email,
  • What size vest do I need?
    We custom fit to your dogs measurements please refer to our 'How to Measure' chart below. If you need advice, please email us at
  • How do I measure my dog for a vest?
    As per our measuring diagram, we only need four measurements from you. You supply this info on the custom form which is emailed to you after you have ordered and paid for your vest, according to the girth size range of your dog.
  • What shape do I need?
    The shape you need is down to personal choice, please look at our social media galleries for inspiration. Please also see our vest and cape shape diagram. Traditional shape is cut half of dogs total neck to tail measurement Butterfly is cut one third of dogs total neck to tail measurement Heart shaped is cut up to three quarters of dogs neck to tail measurement Short body/long back is designed to not come around the front of dogs chest
  • What colours can I have?
    Please refer to our fabric and thread colour charts and choose a colour combination you like, however, please do not copy any organisation's designs.
  • What images and words can I have on my vest?
    On side panels you can have two lines of writing and a small logo, on the centre panel a logo and some text in any colour thread. Please refer to our gallery or social media for ideas. Complex designs may incur an extra fee. None stock logos will incur an additional digitising fee, to convert your png image into an embroidery file.
  • Can I have Disney or equivalent logos?
    No, we cannot use copywrited items but can produce similar inspired designs.
  • Are the vest straps adjustable?
    Yes, chest and girth straps are adjustable, and we send items with excess strap length for you to trim if necessary.
  • I don't like my vest that I have received.
    We aim to please and can work with you to produce your ideas, however, we make to your specifications so do not offer refunds. We will help you sell the vest on our social media for free if you are not happy.
  • What is a settle mat and what size do I need?
    It is a portable travel mat which you train your dog to use so they have a safe space that they can settle on whilst out and about. A small is approx. 60cm x 40cm, a medium is 70cm x 50cm and a large is 80cm x 60cm. we also offer an extra large mat at 90 x 70cm
  • What are the different types of bandana fastenings?
    We offer A) over the collar bandanas which come with a removable drawstring toggle fastening. You can take the toggle out and thread the bandana through your dogs collar or use the toggle over the collar. B) side release clasp fasteners, the bandana is the same shape as over the collar but it has side release clasps on adjustable strap. We moved away from our old style of fastening so that our bandanas can be worn by the same dog over a long growing time.
  • Can I place an order by phone?
    We provide an online ordering system, however, you can ask questions by email or the chat function on the website. If you need to speak over the telephone, we can arrange an appointment time to do so, please ask on direct messages or email.
  • Can I have a Velcro patch base on my vest?
    Yes, we only need to know the position & size that you require.
  • I am ordering through an organisation why is it not charging me?
    Organisations order using the special link that does not take payment. We invoice the organisation, or the individual by email, depending upon our arrangement. Please do not order via this link without prior instruction.
  • Do the colours vary?
    Yes, they can do, however, we endeavour to use the same suppliers, so as this is kept to a minimum. We cannot guarantee an exact colour match.
  • How do I send a picture or image to you?
    Please email it to or if you are ordering a vest, there is an image upload section on the custom form. The custom form is emailed to you after you have paid for your vest order.
  • What is your turn around time?
    We cannot guarantee turnaround time on any of our items, however, for vests, we say two to six weeks from receiving your order and completed custom form. Smaller items will be faster.
  • Should I specify the words 'assistance dog' or 'service dog' on my vest?
    Assistance dog is used in the UK, Service dog is used in America and Ireland. Please read our blog posts for further info.
  • Can I have text in a language other than English?
    Yes please email us the correctly spelt text.
  • Can I have the ADUK logo or a copy of one of their vests?
    No, this is strictly only for ADUK organisations that order from thier head offices.
  • Do you post overseas?
    Yes, we do, for vests, lead slips please select international shipping at checkout. For larger items please contact us for a price before ordering, We are not liable for import taxes etc.
  • Can I have a different colour plastic buckle or binding on my vest?
    We currently only provide black in these items due to supply issues of other colours.
  • What are the washing instructions for vests, mats and bandanas?
    Wash the items in a pillowcase at 30 degrees. DO NOT TUMBLEDRY. DO NOT IRON OVER PRINTING OR EMBROIDERY. The washing instructions are supplied on the cardboard tag on your vest.
  • Something has broken on my vest after prolonged use, for example straps, what shall I do?
    Firstly contact us and tell us what the problem is. We do offer a free repair service, however, the customer must pay the postage. IMPORTANT: Please wash the vest first before postage as we cannot accept dirty products back in our workshop. Our workspace has to be kept meticulously clean due to handling fabric etc.
  • What do I do if my parcel arrives damaged or late?
    We can accept no liability for damage by a third party delivery contractor nor for a late delivery if you require your product at an agreed time.
  • I am unhappy with the quality of my item, what should I do?
    Please email us at provide your order number and name Provide a brief description of the problem We will arrange a return of the item and if we deem it to be faulty, we shall replace or refund the value of the faulty item.
  • VAT/sales tax on your items
    We are legally obligated to add 20% VAT onto our prices, we do not get this ourselves as it is a government levy. HMRC have informed us that assistance dog gear does not qualify for vat exemption.
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