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It's beginning to look like Christmas

Updated: Jan 7

Christmas is fast approaching and we are all starting to think about Christmas gifts for those important people in our lives. With times being hard and everyone carefully

juggling finances, its the perfect time to gift a useful item that will not be thrown in the bin by New Year.

Wuffable have a range of gift ideas for all the doggy people in your life!

With many being careful with their gas and electric bills, keeping warm is essential. Wuffable blankets and hats are perfect in doing that job! Customise it to suit the recipient and they will have a gift to cherish that is useful too.

This picture shows a selection of our most popular customised items, all made or customised in our British workshop on the edge of Cannock Chase. When purchasing from us you can be assured that each item is made with love and care, in The UK and by a person being paid a fair living wage.

Custom Blankets

Whether you want a blanket for a dog, cat or a human, we have something for all!

Our custom name and colour fleece dog blankets are super popular with breeders and dog walkers who wish to gift something special and personal to their clients. You choose the colour of each side of the double sided fleece blanket and the colour of the embroidery. We offer discounted prices on mulitple orders of this item.

A fabulous gift for a pet professional, our large, super snuggly throw blankets are a fabulous gift for any animal lover. These are for use by a human whilst watching tv, extra warmth in the car, on a picnic.

We can add the pets's name and additional images as requested.

Embroidered in colours of your choice. These blankets make a fabulous gift for any age.

Be sure to tell us when ordering any special information so we add the correct images to suit the animal!

A dog walker essential!

Maybe you are a professional dog walker or you only walk your own pet dogs, in either case, the mini dog first aid kit is an absolute essential.

At only 10cm x 10cm this 17 piece kit is waterproof and lightweight, making it perfect to attach to your lead or belt.

The kit not only contains the items needed to treat injury, you also have access to videos that show how to use the equipment to treat your dog.

What's even better is we can embroider the strap with a name so make this gift even more special and individual.

Woolly Hats!

Every dog walker needs a woolly hat! Early mornings, dark nights, frosty weather call for a warm hat.

We have these great hats, in a huge array of colours perfect for men and women.

The hats are lined with shirling for extra warmth. The whole family can match as they come in various sizes. we can even embroider something onto the band of the hat or add a patch.

Our beanie hats are super popular as they come in single colours and are perfect for matching up with other items of clothing and a must for those who do not like pom poms!

Maybe you want to get matching gifts for a team or group of friends? Wuffable will be happy to embroider your hats to suit your needs.

Wuffable can embroider words or images onto the beanie hats.


Everyone loves to receive a new bag but even more so when it is personalised!

Whether you need a treat bag, waist bag, a medication bag, an inhaler bag, a back pack or a grab bag, Wuffable can meet your needs.

We embroider or print on premade bags or make a bag to your specific needs from scratch. Your colour + your wording makes this something special for the recipient.

Doggy Tree Decorations

Our doggy tree decorations with added custom vest or bandana are the perfect secret Santa gift. Each dog comes in a little windowed gift bag.

We have a range felted dogs in stock, ready to have their bandana or vest added, complete with custom logo or name and paw print.

A special item to bring out every year and hang on the tree.

Left it late?

We are more than happy to post gifts direct to your recipient and will even gift wrap if asked.

Why not get in touch if you have something in mind?

Seasons Greetings!

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