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It's a dog's life

Personalised dog outfits for every occasion

Every dog owner knows that dogs are as important as any other family member. Some would even admit to loving their dog more than they love their spouse!!

I personally spend almost every waking hour with my dog. We sleep together, work together, eat together and play together. I know I'm blessed to have that privilege, but with more and more places understanding that we want to include our dogs it is easier than ever to include our dogs in every aspect of day to day life.

Just as we choose our outfit according to where we are going, so can your dog with its own ‘personalised dog vest’ or bandana, or even wings!

Personalised dog vests made just for you

Whilst our speciality is custom assistance dog vests, we get plenty of requests for custom dog wear for other special occasions. All of our dog accessories are made in the UK, and we love receiving special requests!

If there’s an item you’d love to have for your dog, get in touch and let’s talk!

labrador wearing a vest made to look like a harlequin rugby shirt. it is red, blue, grey and brown with embroidered words on the side saying assistance dog
The Ulti-mutt Rugby Fan

Sports loving dogs

Maybe your dog comes with you to the pub to watch the game or goes to every fixture your team plays at, we can provide a team inspired outfit for your dog. Whether its a bandana, scarf or vest - we can get your dog kitted out in team colours!

We loved making a team vest for a rugby loving fans dog, who is named after its favourite player. Made in team colours with a nod towards the official shirts, the team they support loved it so much they approached us to make the same vest for all assistance dogs attending the Harlequins match!

We would love to make your dog the ulti-mutt supporter!

Dogs at weddings

stuffed dog wearing a navy blue vest with tulle skirt attached. the vest is embroidered with the words flower girls assistance dog and it has the wedding date on top of the vest
bridesmaid dog

Whether you are a bride, groom or bridesmaid with an assistance dog or one of the many couples choosing a dog friendly wedding venue, Wuffable can make your dog look the part on your special day.

You may choose to send us some of your bridal gown or groomsmen fabric for us to work with, or you may simply wish to tell us the colour scheme. Maybe you want your dog to carry the rings down the aisle, or just sit pretty for the photographs…whatever your plan we will create beautiful wedding attire for your dog. We will also embroider beautiful keepsakes, dog inspired or not, for the guests at your wedding.

We would love to hear your ideas and help you bring them to reality.

Dogs at Graduations

stuffed dog wearing a graduation cap and embroidered vest saying assistance dog with the bangor business school emblem on the side
graduation dog

When your dog has been with your every step of the way of your university experience, from the first chats you had regarding dog attending uni with you, all the lectures, all the tears and joy, it's only right that your dog should be standing next to you at your graduation. You may choose to have a simple black robe made to complement your cap and gown or you may choose to have your university emblem or other words embroidered onto your dog's vest. We are happy to discuss the possibility of your ideas.

Dogs at funerals

Of course, not every occasion in life is a happy one. However, just as we would like our dogs with us in happy times, we want them close at sad times too. We all know the benefits of therapy dogs, and somewhere we could all do with their calming presence is at funerals. Rules on dogs being allowed in attendance at funerals will vary by venue/crematorium, however assistance dogs should always be allowed entry with their owners.

We can create a bespoke funeral dog vest or bandana suitable to the tone of the funeral and to help make access easier with your beloved companion. (link to order form)

In the traumatic event that an owner passes before their beloved dog, there are many of us who’d like our dogs to be present - or to at least have the option. Speak to the crematorium or venue organiser for the funeral or wake to see if this is possible.

Dogs at Work

Being in the dog industry, we notice so many dogs at work. Dogs on trade stands, in shops, offices, pretty much everywhere we go there are dogs. We all know dogs get alot of attention, now you can turn that attention into marketing! With the addition of a branded bandana or vest, your dog can be a walking bill board for your business!! Genius!!

Get in touch with us to discuss the options available to you.

You do not need to be a dog related business such as Canicross to have your dog wearing promotional gear!

Why not have your work place dog wearing your brand and additional info, such as, I AM FRIENDLY, or PLEASE IGNORE ME!

Wuffable are happy to bring your ideas to life.

You can contact us by email or by any of our social media accounts.

We look forward to sharing your next big life celebration with you and your dog!


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