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Assistance Dog Products

Assistance dogs help people with disabilities live more independently. They can be owner trained or trained by an organisation. ADUK is the UK’s coalition of organisations accredited by an international standards body. Not all assistance dogs are trained by a charity and we are happy to supply owner trained and organisation trained teams. In the UK we call our dogs Assistance Dogs, Ireland and other countries use the term Service Dogs.


Our personalised assistance dog vests allow you to identify your dog as a working animal. It is not a legal requirement to have your dog vested but it can help with access problems. Our vests are available in a variety of colours, and styles and are custom made to fit your dog. No matter the size or fur length of your furry friend, we have something for you. We have a range of matching gear to complement your vest. Bandanas, lead slips, settle mats, blankets, bags, patches and clothing,


All of our assistance and service dog gear is made in the UK and we are happy to ship worldwide.

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